"In Life and paper cutting everything is connected... One story leads to another" Beatrice Coron

EQ: "How are we as artists inspired by past traditions?

Sarah's papercut was on the cover of School Arts Magazine

Using the traditional Chinese paper cuts as inspiration we will be composing our own response using this technique. After researching the art of Chinese paper cutting and describing what you have learned in your sketchbooks you will look at the work of modern paper cut artists, Joe Boruchow, Beatrice Coron and those found on pinterest. In the studio we will practice cutting with an xacto knife using a Notan design method. Notan in Japanese refers to Light and Dark and the process helps us understand the importance of balance in our compositions. You will next be asked to create your own paper story. The theme of your paper cut will have to do with object/s or symbols that inspire you in your life. In other words you are asked to visually relate what is important to you. Think of the kind of object you would grab if your house were on fire! It could be your dog, an old toy, a Chinese character, a plant, an insect, a myth etc. It is for you to decide.

Process for your paper story..

#1 You will first create several thumbnails in your skb of your ideas for the papercut. Find visuals if necessary.Do several test pieces.#2 Draw the design onto the black paper

#3 Cut carefully as craftsmanship matters.

#4 Reflect on the whole process in your skb. Be sure to state what the completed image signifies to you

Criteria:Composition: thoughtful design that relates to you.Craftsmanship: careful rendering with the exacto knifeCreativity: reorganizing and transforming the object/s in a unique way to tell your own story

Voicethread where we tell our story and critique one anothers'


Resources:Beatrice Coron

Paper Stories 2015

Paper Stories 2013

Paper Stories 2013

Paper Stories 2011

paper stories 2011

Paper Stories 2010

More Artists who cut paper as an expressive media:

Cheng Hang Feng from Shanghai



Andrea Dezsö



Christian Andersen created paper stories too


Practice for the papercutting technique as well as understanding good composition

Notan Instructional Video:

Our former Notan designs:

Paper Story self assessment:

A stop motion done with papercuts!

Rob Ryan papercut artist from London!