Portrait parties have been parlor fun for decades before the advent of tv and videos. Restarted by the artist Rama Hughes have become all the rage on the internet amongst artists and students. They are a wonderful way to dispel inhibitions about drawing one another. They are fun and a great way to begin our art 1 class.and to share our developing skills with the world.

The Portrait Party by Rama Hughes

"When i was younger, my family and i used to have portrait parties. we would congregate in the living room every few months and turn our attention from person to person, drawing everyone in the room. it was such a pleasure and so normal in my life that trading portraits became a regular event when i left for college, when i moved to new towns, when i met new friends or favorite artists. tommy kane suggested that it would make a good website. so, that's what this is... AND YOU'RE INVITED!"

Here are the results of Art 1's first Portrait Party in August and... we were even mentioned on Hughes Portrait Party website! http://theportraitparty.blogspot.com/2009/11/kendra-farrells-art-1-class.html

We are doing a portrait exchange with Ms Johnson's class in Lynnfield High, near Boston Massachusetts USA. Remarkable is that these are some of the first portraits these students have every drawn!


2013 -2014

Here is their portraits of us!

Here is our work displayed in the Halls of Lynnfield High with the portraits we did of her students!