Sketchbook format:
Remember your Sketchbook is your personal "text "/ or illustrated journal for this course so it should follow like a calendar class assignments, reflections, vocabulary and weekly artist as models. Take digital images of your work in the studio to make it even more personable and relevant to your growth as an artist. The artist of the week will be incorporated throughout the year. Researching artists and art periods will give you an opportunity to expand your knowledge and understanding of ART. As well as becoming an awesome artist, you will become art smart in every way by June!!
No computer generated pages! do your own collaging of text and image.
See examples of good sketchbook pages here: **//**
Go to this site for info and inspiration **Smarthistory**

I will collect your sketchbooks every three weeks. First Sketchbook is due Sept 1

Sketchbook Assignments:
August 10th assignments:
"time capsules"
in your skb: draw your hand holding something special, draw a corner of a room, draw your self using any technique, draw a complex object.
Reflect on each class. What did you do? What concepts did you learn? How did these strategies feel to you?
Portrait party! draw contour portraits of family members and pets. Xtra credit if you get them to draw you (not your pet)! check out **** for inspiration!!
In your sketchbook draw several member of your family as we did in class today.

August 15

In your skb (sketchbook):
Using any of the techniques draw an object from observation that tells us something about yourself
August 18-22 (finish by the end of the week)
Artist of the week .Matisse (see above for requirements) pay attention especially to his contour drawings
Drawing exercises in skb:
Draw 4 contour drawings (no shading) of complex objects.
Draw a composite (5 objects, vary scale, overlap etc) of objects in your room. Start by framing off your skb page and draw within as we did in class.
Finally: draw a continuous line drawing of your study area.

Art Vocabulary for the week:

contour, other hand, composite, space, overlap, scale, composition, emphasis, continuous line, upside down

August 25-29

Artist of the week: Jasper Johns

Read and respond in a paragraph to this article about what is art This article gives a great perspective on all that we call "art" today. Think about the "what, how , when and why" when looking and responding to your artists.

Skb assignments:
Put your first upside down drawing in your skb. Reflect on what you learned by drawing in this way. then..
Find a photo from a magazine or your photo album and draw it upside down in your skb

Draw an object within a frame and create a positive and negative composition as we did in class. Do two compositions using this technique.

Art Vocabulary for the week
upside down drawing technique, positive negative technique, picture frame, thumbnail

SKB are due next week Sept 1-2!! Here is what needs to be in them

Sept 1-5 Focus on Value

Light scale exercises using pencils of various sizes draw value scales, then change shapes into forms using value, next draw forms in space (be sure to overlap and use scale change and a full range of values from white to black)

Create a small light scale drawing (intuitive drawing) in your sketchbook. Start by framing off the composition, drawing a doodle and then filling it in from section to section using a variety of values.

Artist of the week... check criteria above
Mc Escher pay attention to how he uses values in his art. Don't forget the critieria above... basic info,quote, draw from drawing, personal response and interesting facts... how does he inspire your understanding of values?

Skb assignments
Take an object and put it under a light and draw it with a pencil use a full value range from light to dark
Next draw the same object showing value Tommy Cane style! crosshatching!!

September 9-12 Preparing for Danny!! ARTIST/ ILLUSTRATOR/ AUTHOR
learning to use sumi ink/ permanent pens watercolor
Artist of the week(this will be for the next two weeks): Danny Gregory we are so fortunate to have him at ISB for two weeks. We will be working with him on a variety of drawing and painting techniques. Begin working on artist pages so that you know his fascinating story

Skb assignments Draw your breakfast (from observation not observation) . be sure to paint afterwards.

Sept 15 -19
This week's reading: All about Danny Gregory! He is a fascinating person and it is good if you know who is up in front of the classroom and in the art gallery. Please read this article before you meet him this week and respond including what surprised you? What did you learn? What questions might you ask of him?

Artist of the week. Work on these pages, take a photo of danny at ISB (great memories for your skb),

Sept 22-26 Complete Danny style painting
Thursday Sept 25 at 4:45 - 6 there is a Danny Celebration including a presentation/ book signing courtesy of Page One and an exhibition of the art done while Danny was here.Patents/ teachers and students are invited to attend.


draw danny's portrait upside down using any media you wish. COMPLETE BY WEDNESDAY


Include Process photos for your cardboard painting and a pic of the finished piece

Reflection on your work.How did you begin? Did you incorporate value changes? What is gouache?

Look it up. What do you think of it as a media?

Please write a response to what you thought of having Danny Gregory as an artist in residence at ISB.

Danny Gregory after seeing some of your responses to his being at ISB wrote them up in his blog read by thousands!

"When the teacher asked their students what they got out of my stay at their school, they say things like:” Danny taught me to make masterpieces our of mistakes” and “I tried making drawings unique instead of exact.”

October 6-10 Back to intuitive drawing and skb are due!!

Drawing challenge:

Draw you favorite piece of clothes.

Artist of the week:

Lawren Harris Notice how he uses values in his art

Please read and respond to this article on Harris. Tell us what you think about the connection made to traditional Chinese landscape painting

Sketchbook checklist. Due this week

October 13 Finish Light scale drawing and begin Portraits

Need inspiration?! Check out my **pinterest Portrait board!**

In your skb:
Alex Katz is the artist of the week notice how he simplifies portraits and uses values, scale

Drawing assignment:

Draw a portrait of someone around you.. family member, ayi or friend.Use a full range of value from dark to light! Take a photo first if that is better. Your best work please no quick drawings

October 20 - 24 Begin Pop Art Portraits

Drawing assignments:

Boston portraits due firs week of November!

Draw the person you chose. Practice first really see. DO NOT TRACE that is cheating and you won't learn anything!

Don't forget to write reflections after every class! What did you need to know? Take process photos

October 27 - 31 Complete Pop Art Portrait

Artist art movement this week:

POP ART use two pages. At least 5 images of pop art work. Name three artists who are well known. Quote from that era.

Analyze one of the pop art works:Context (dates/ place/ what was going on in society), form: what did a pop art piece look like Theme: what subject were often used by these artists

November 13-14

Sketchbooks are due this Friday or next Monday nov 17

Make sure you have turned in your Boston portrait!

Drawing assignment
Draw your favorite snack food in a pop art style! Use paint, markers or color pencils if you need color. Google "pop art" choose and artist whose style you like ( Andy Warhol, Litchenstein, Keith Haring etc) then choose food from your kitchen and draw it in the style of that pop art artist

Skb criteria nov:

November 17 - 28 Begin Color Mandalas

In your Skb:

1 Write a page or two (using word and images) on the History of the color wheel.

When was it first put in use? what does it represent? who are the people who defined it?

2 Essential color vocabulary (define each one as they relate to the wheel )Use this helpful site for definitions and practice!

Primary, secondary, tertiary colors,

Tint, tone, shade

Limited palettes: monochromatic, analgous, complimentary

Cool and warm colors



3 Drawing assignment

After seeing the Andrea Joseph video in class, take a page of your skb and draw using a ballpoint pen a monochromatic colored collection of objects around your room


December 1-5 Begin the color mandala


Artist of the week:

Pierre Bonnard (check out wikipaintings ****)

Color Wheel Research:

Check out this website on color wheel history and those people who were involved from the beginning. Address the names of those who designed them. What are color wheels? How did they come about? How do artists use them?


Come up with a design for your color wheel. It should have 12 sections that you can then break up. Look at the examples on this wiki in the color mandala unit section

Drawing assignment
Using the continuous line technique draw your living space then color it in (colored pencils or water color) using a monochromatic palette

December 9-12 complete Mandala/ Skb due no later than Friday


Here is what it should include at a minimum!Take a photo of your color wheel.

Write a reflection (paragraph) on this first semester in art class. Think over all that we have done drawing techniques, portraiture, using charcoal, working along with Danny Gregory, color studies and research.What was the most valuable learning? Has your definition of art and understanding of you as an "artist" changed?

Your mandala must be finished before break! Please sign your name on the back!!

Second Semester Begins

January 12-16

Paper stories is our next adventure! Check out resources on my pinterest page

SKB assignments...


after every class!!! What did you learn from the video about Beatrice Coron? What do we need to know /do when we create notans?

Artist of the week:

Beatrice Coron (remember the criteria well designed pages/context/form/themes/ quote/personal response/ draw from a piece)

Drawing assignment

Draw a set of keys with a pencil! Check out this video for tips

January 19 -23

skb assignments:

Draw what's inside of a drawer or cabinet use a ballpoint pen

What's your paper story... do some thumbnail sketches

Artist of the week

Joe Buruchow

January 26 -30 Begin Paper Story

Skb due feb 2 Monday

Feb 3-5 Paper Story

Drawing assignment:

Draw what you love! an instrument/ sports equipment/ dance shoes. Use full value scale and TAKE YOUR TIME


after every class... what went on/ what are the challenges/ what are you more confident about???

February 9 and 11 Complete paper story


When you are finished take a photo and put it in your sketchbook. Write a paragraph on your paper story. What is it about? What imagery did you choose and why?

What were the challenges?

Drawing Challenge:

from observation draw something that has to do with Chinese New Year.

February 23 - 27th Critique of paper stories/Begin Oil Painting

Drawing challenge:

draw a continuous line sketch of your paper story! when finished write about the difference from the actual paper cut/ the photograph of your piece/ and the sketch. What happens when you use a different media?

Artist of the week:

Wayne Thiebaud: remember to use context/ form/ theme (i.e. background/ what do you see using elements and principles/ subject matter), a quote, draw from a work, personal response

March 3 -6 Continue Oil Painting

Drawing Challenge:

Draw what's out your window using a media of your choice (pencil, ball pen, color pencil, water color). Take your time!

Reflections and process photos:

Remember to reflect after every class. What did you do, what have you learned about oil painting, what are the challenges?

Take process photos and record your own transformation

Make sure you have taken photos of your paper story and your first painting.

March 9-13 continue oil painting

Artist of the week:
Georgia O'Keefee: focus on her paintings done with objects. She's more interested in flowers and skulls than sweets!
remember form (what's there), theme( subject matter) and context (what was going on when she was painting that may have influenced her work?) and always a personal response as well as drawing from a drawing/ quote.

Drawing Challenge
Draw from observation something that makes you Happy!

Skb are due this week!!

April 7 - 10 Sculpture Unit begins

Here is the assignment read it carefully.


RESEARCH and create artist pages for your sculptor. Follow the guidelines for artist of the week

PROCESS: Next brainstorm ideas for your response. Create more than one! Draw Thumbnails, think about what materials/media you will use how big/what scale will it be? this should be on one or two sketchbook pages. Take photos of your process

Reflections: after every class what did you do and what are you thinking


In the studio create a maquette (small example) to try out the idea you choose.

Drawing Challenge

Find a sculpture in your home and draw it. Take your time.Use a full value scale to show the form

April 13 - 17 Sculpture Unit


Create a page on Sculpture. Using words and images define what is a sculpture? What different vocabulary and techniques do sculptures use?

Process: Continue

Reflections:after every class

Drawing challenge:

Draw your favorite snack from observation and use an analgous color (next to each other on the wheel)scheme

and media of your choice.


Sculpture Presentations will begin April 30 - May 4

April 27-April 30 Presentations

Artist of the week:

Albrecht Durer Rennaisance pay attention to his drawing style and his portraits done throughout his life.

Drawing Challenge:

Draw your pillows using crosshatching and hatching to describe the values. Look at Durer's pillow study


Final Unit: IB Art Inspired!

IB artists are "smart about art" because they look to the masters and contemporary artists who are out there changing our perceptions about what ART is. They do research before and during the making of each studio piece. In this unit you will choose an artist found on my pinterest site that you think is really cool. Your final artist of the week pages will be the artist you choose. Just as you did with the sculpture unit once you have found and looked at the body of work of your artist (remember form/ theme and context) you will create a piece inspired by that person's work. It can be in a media of your choice digital, drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, photography etc. The scale/ size is up to you as well but be reasonable as you will have 4-5 classes to complete the piece and your skb.

SKB should include:

#1 Artist pages

#2 Brainstorm of ideas for studio response/ record multiple ways your response could be done. Use word and image on these pages.

#3 Process pages showing images along the way..where did you begin and how did it end up looking

#4 Analysis of your work compared with the work of your artist. Compare and contrast using the language of the visual arts (form:line,shape,value,space,rhythm,emphasis etc). How are they similar and or different?,

Sketchbook is due May 14 -15! before exams

Please write a final reflection for the year. What did you learn? How has your perception of Art changed? etc.

Besides that here is what you need to include: