Read this handout to know how to set up your sketchbook. Remember that it is your text and should follow class assignments, techniques artists and art vocabulary covered.

Sketchbook Artist of the week, reflections, planning and how to described in depth..

  • Work in your sketchbooks on a regular basis! Each artist of the week should be two pages together.
  • Draw from the artist of the week in your skb. "Copy not to imitate but to understand his/her mind" (Betty Edwards author of the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain). That means you will draw from a drawing or a painting or sculpture of your choice from the artist's work. If the artwork is in color, your copy should be in color. If it is a sculpture, the copy can be in black and white.
  • Research the artist of the week. " In your own words" important and interesting information about the artists and their work. Start with the basics of who, what, where, and when. In addition, students should write a “response” to the artist’s work.
  • Add a quote from the artist that is inspiring to you. This should address what you like or don’t like about the work and why, what the work makes you think about, etc. There should be at least one skb page of research/response for each artist of the week. Be sure to site your sources! Where did you find this information.
  • Reflect upon what you do in the studio on a regular basis to make sense out of what is going on and to reinforce what is important to understand. Included in your thoughtful reflections should be some of the following considerations: Thumbnails of what they did, digital images of the finished piece, a summary of the process, addressing what the predominate elements and principles were in the work. Discuss the challenges and the rewards of creating the work. What was learned in the process??
  • No digital pages collage and paste your own.

Here is an excellent good example of an artist page. It is creatively layed out with just enough background info that addresses "who, what, where and when, included one or more interesting facts, a drawing from one of his works and has thoughtful reflections.


Check out this voicethread where I explain further about this artist page.