"There is no one meaning for any of the images, rather they exist as a kind of visual riddle or open-ended poem meant to be both playful and provocative" Maggie Taylor, digital artist

EQ: "How do we visually describe a symbolic side of ourselves in art?"

What is surrealism? Who are some famous surrealistic artists? We will look closely at the work of digital artists Maggie Taylor and her husband Jerry Uelsmann.


Students responded to the work of Maggie Taylor by creating their own digital surreal self portraits. They were asked to include besides an image of themselves three objects that symbolized them and at least one scanned image. Using the devices found in collage auch as overlapping, juxtaposition, scale change and point of view they created their own personal surreal world.

Handout for the assignment:

Some ways to create a surrealistic atmosphere in photoshop

Responses from 2011

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You tube and vimeo are two resources that will help you improve your PS skills