Essential Question: How and why does an artist express who they are?

What is a portrait? What does it represent?

It is interesting to compare how identity was established from the beginning of time by artists. It was more about group identity for the cave people

Cave paintings from Traful, Argentina 32000 years old!

In our modern society the sense of self is highly evolved and art more often is all about the individual...

Can you name the artists?

Helpful tutorial on Portrait drawing
How artists over time have painted or drawn themselves.

To practice we exchanged portraits with Lynnfield High School near Boston Ma. in the USA. Our students did a great job

Pop Art Portraits/ charcoal and pastels

Pop art style gives us a chance to simplify the features and give the portrait a "punch" of color. We looked carefully at the work of Maine artist Alex Katz for inspiration. Then we took close up photos with a digital camera and printed them out as references. We created a "cutout filter" so that that value range within the face was made very obvious. The portraits were drawn on butcher paper with grey scale charcoal (black to white) and the background was done by using bright colored pastel chalk.


Portraits fall 2013:

Assessment Criteria: